Michelle Ward



Bachelor of Education (2008)

Master of Education: Business and Management (2010)

Master of Environmental Management: Conservation Biology (2016)


Dr. Jonathan Rhodes, Dr. Hugh Possingham, Dr. Peter Mumby

Background and Projects:

After completing a Degree of Education and a Master’s in Business, Michelle worked four years in Sustainable Development. She lived in Turkey, Qatar and South Africa, before returning to Australia to complete a Master’s of Environmental Management, majoring in Conservation Biology at the University of Queensland. She has volunteered her time to many NGOs including Qatar Animal Welfare society, Qatar Green Building Council, the Solid Waste Interest Group, Fossil Free South Africa and GrassRoots South Africa.

Michelle is most interested in marine conservation, reserve design, GIS modelling, biodiversity, global environmental change, food security, social-ecological systems and ecosystem services. Her current master’s thesis is focused on valuing ecosystem services within the Table Mountain National Park Marine Protected Area, using the InVEST tool to map future scenarios.

Michelle is an avid open-water diver and adventure-seeker. She has travelled through over 53 countries and is often spotted on a frantic search for wildlife.


Email: michellesarahward1@gmail.com
Personal Blog: 4wardconservation.wordpress.com
Personal Twitter: @manammichelle