Current Members

Primary supervisor

Felipe Suarez P1020702 - CopyCastro (PhD): I am particularly interested in using the knowledge on ecological functioning in conservation and environmental management planning.  I have worked on habitat characterizations and wildlife inventories in various regions of my home country, Colombia.

P1010056_2Marie Dade (PhD): My research focuses on better understanding ecosystem services within developed landscapes. ecosystem services, or the benefits that humans obtain from ecosystems, are often interrelated with a change in the supply of one service often associated with a change in the supply of another service.

Profile photo_CarlaCarla Archibald (PhD): Carla is PhD student from this lab researching how to utilise privately protected areas in conservation planning to reach local and international conservation targets. Carla graduated her Applied Science degree from The University of Queensland in 2012 and received first-class honours for her project on urban restoration actions and bird diversity outcomes within the CEED lab in 2014. In her spare time Carla enjoys bird watching, rock climbing and drinking coffee.

Profile photo_ElenaMichelle Ward (PhD, co-advised with Hugh Possingham): Michelle is most interested in marine conservation, reserve design, GIS modelling, biodiversity, global environmental change, food security, social-ecological systems and ecosystem services. Her current master’s thesis is focused on valuing ecosystem services within the Table Mountain National Park Marine Protected Area, using the InVEST tool to map future scenarios.

Profile photo_JaramarJaramar Villarreal Rosas (PhD, co-advised with Hugh Possingham): Jaramar is a PhD student using the Ecosystem Services concept and the Social-Ecological Systems framework in her research to explore how spatial information on the different values that people have for the ecosystems can be used to make better decisions when planning for conservation.

Secondary supervisor

Profile photo_MattMatthew McKinney (PhD, co-advised with Salit Kark & Hugh Possingham): Matt’s PhD will focus on modelling invasive bird species interactions, and using that information to build multi-species dynamic occupancy models to inform prioritization of actions. Matt loves bluegrass music and play’s the Dobro guitar in his spare time.

Profile BrendonBrendan Dillonn (PhD, co-advised with Prof Hugh Possingham): Brendan’s PhD research focuses on i) the way that species biological traits mediate the response of mammal populations to hunting pressure and habitat loss and ii) trade-offs in the cost effectiveness of managing each of these threats and iii) integrating these insights into spatial conservation planning.

Profile RachelRachel Friedman (PhD, co-advised with Prof Kerrie Wilson): My research interests broadly centre on the connections between biodiversity, ecosystem services, and human well-being within production (agricultural and forestry) landscapes, and the process and outcomes of land management decisions. Cultural, socio-economic, and political factors (and not solely ecological and physical conditions) are critical drivers of land use, but often only a subset are considered in developing policies or management strategies. Ultimately, for any of the gains in terms of conservation there are also losers, often among those who have little say in the process or are on the margins of society.

Profile TatianaTatiana Proboste (PhD, co-advised with Prof Jenny Seddon): I am interested in exploring and developing tools to investigate the role of wildlife in disease transmission in urbanized environments. My project will focus mostly on using molecular methods (Barcoding and NGS) and distribution predictive model to improve our understanding of paralysis tick across a changing landscape.

NaomiEvansNaomi Evans (PhD, co-advised with Patrick Moss): Managing Trade-offs in Human-wildlife Conflict and Conservation Value: A Case Study of Fraser Island Dingoes.

Jeff Hanson (PhD, co-advised with Richard Fuller):JHanson-150x150[1] He is creating algorithms to design reserve networks that are resistant to environmental change and utilize environmental surrogates to maximize biodiversity.

Sean MaxwIMG_0679ell (PhD, co-advised with James Watson): He is a conservation ecologist with a diverse range of interests such as structured decision-making, value-of-information analysis, Pacific Island management, among others.

Maria Jose Martinez-Harms (PhD, co-advised with Kerrie Wilson): My main IMG_1446research interest is the integration of ecosystem services into conservation and management decision making. The focus of my PhD research is to contribute in making the ecosystem services concept more operational for policy issues applying the theory and principles of structured decision making.

T ReynoldsVictoria Reynolds (PhD, co-advised with Margie Mayfield): With my PhD project I’m interested in exploring the pollination dynamics found and shared between agricultural and native vegetation. I’ll be investigating what landscape factors and cultivation practices influence the provisioning of wild pollination services provided to various crops grown around the world.

OAKSOakes Holland (PhD and Research assistant): I am currently working as a casual Research Assistant within the Rhodes Conservation Research Group whilst also undertaking my PhD at the Centre for Excellence in Environmental Decisions in the School of Biological Sciences. My current work includes creating hydrological spatial models for the Brisbane local government area in order to model how rainfall runoff changes when there are changes in land use classification. Another project I am helping in involves modelling the disconnect of ecosystem service supply and demand over continental Europe.