Marie Dade


PhD Candidate, University of Queensland


BSc (Hons) Conservation Biology – University of Western Australia

MSc Environmental Management – University of Western Australia

Advisors: Dr. Jonathan Rhodes


University of Queensland web page:

Project Description:

My research focuses on better understanding ecosystem services within developed landscapes. ecosystem services, or the benefits that humans obtain from ecosystems, are often interrelated with a change in the supply of one service often associated with a change in the supply of another service. By understanding how and where these ecosystem service relationships are occurring, we can better manage ecosystem service supply to maintain human wellbeing. However, the methods currently used to identify and quantify ecosystem service relationships cannot determine what is driving these relationships to occur. This makes it difficult to predict when and where to expect ecosystem relationships to occur. Therefore, as landscapes change or become increasingly developed, this could lead to unexpected decreases in ecosystem service supply that affects human wellbeing.

My PhD thesis aims to address this problem by identifying and assessing the dynamics of ecosystem service relationships, the mechanisms driving these relationships, and the implications for policy and planning.



Dade, M.C., Pauli, N., Mitchell, N.J (2014). Mapping a new future: using spatial multiple criteria analysis to identify novel habitats for endangered species. Animal Conservation, vol.17, pp.4-17